Introduction to C-UK College


China-UK College Concept and Features

The concept of the name of ‘C-UK College’ is integration and absorption of advanced educational theory from Britain and China.  The special features of C-UK College fundamentally use the best of China’s Education combined with the British Education theory of which, developing individuation from British “private school.” Consequently, it makes the College become characteristically unique and eventually leads it to be a Chinese well-known school impressively progressing with the theory of 21st century education and international education.
The vision of C-UK College is “Everyone has a characteristic virtue, which should exist in harmony.” Its goal is to be the “first class International private Chinese famous school”, with the best objective “Training the world citizen of tomorrow”, and with the service theory “We cherish your trust and it is our duty to care for our students.”

China-UK College Developmental Stages

The development of C-UK College is step by step. In 2007, C-UK College passed Bao’an District School assessment and in 2008, it passed Shenzhen City School assessment. In 2010, C-UK College gained the accessing certification of China First International Private School by Chinese Education Ministry NCCT. Meanwhile, it was awarded as ‘National Film Class Demonstration School’ and ‘Experimental Base for International Appreciation of Education’ by China Academy of Sciences. C-UK College was also granted ‘Advanced Organization’ and ‘Advanced Organization for Junior School’ by local community and educational Bureau. In 2010, it was conferred as ‘Shenzhen Standard and High Class Private School’

As an International school, British public school in the first fusion of Sino British education and resources advantage. At the beginning of school, we have learned from British private school management committee and education supervision mode, for the establishment of an independent account. We employed full time financial and legal advisers; and the implementation of flat management etc. The school, the UK and Shenzhen C-UK College, plus, Australia and other countries’ schools agreed academic exchange, education and international cooperation in curriculum articulation test, established a stable international channels. 

On its 10th year, the school has accomplished nearly 100 students who have successfully made in Cambridge, Oxford, Toronto, Standford, Hong Kong and other world-class and universities.

Recently, there are 62 foreign students in C-UK College. They are from Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, American, South Korea and other countries. We have about 10 foreign teachers. They are from Canada, Poland, Philippines and other countries. One of them has the master’s degree and the other is undergraduate course graduation. One of the foreign teachers has worked in C-UK College for ten years which as long as the school’s establishment.


School Mission:

Chinese Temperament, International View

School Vision:

Everyone has a characteristic virtue, which should exist in harmony.

Educational Goal:

to be the first class international private Chinese famous school

Training Objective:

Training the world citizen of tomorrow

Students’ Faith:

Responsibility (patriotic, thankful)

Personality (Positive, Serious, Interested, Questioning)

Cooperation (Honest, Discipline, Respect, Tolerance)

Service Concept:

We cherish your trust and it is our duty to care for our students

School Motto:

Only great students here


Clean, Quiet, Respect, Orderly, Thrifty